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Daniel and his mother move from New Jersey to California. She has a wonderful new job, but Daniel quickly discovers that a dark haired Italian boy with a Jersey accent doesn't fit into the blond surfer crowd. Daniel manages to talk his way out of some fights, but he is finally cornered by several who belong to the same karate school.

As Daniel is passing out from the beating he sees Miyagi, the elderly gardener leaps into the fray and save him by outfighting half a dozen teenagers.

Miyagi and Daniel soon find out the real motivator behind the boys' violent attitude in the form of their karate teacher.

Miyagi promises to teach Daniel karate and arranges a fight at the all-valley tournament some months off.

danielson karate kid actor

When his training begins, Daniel doesn't understand what he is being shown. Miyagi seems more interested in having Daniel paint fences and wax cars than teaching him Karate. I am a kid of the 80's, no doubt about it. This movie meant a lot to me back when I was growing up. I never really took karate and I wasn't really bullied, but it is great to remember a time when profanity wasn't needed for humor, or vulgarity, or shootings or blowing up buildings.

A time when the " good guy " would adhere to the rules and had morals. A time when the " bad guy " had no honor, but would rarely curse Hey, this was a PG movie after all, wasn't it? I love the movie because it takes me back to my childhood and a simpler time. A good guy and a bad guy, with the good guy coming out on top. If the " good guy " curses like a sailor, shoots everyone that gets in his way, and does everything vile imaginable, he's not really that good of a guy, is he?

Yeah, I'm " old school. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.Daniel was once a bullied high school student who was mentored by a wise karate senseiwho teaches him both valuable life lessons and self-defense. Daniel carries these lessons with him, and thirty years after his initial training, Daniel has two children and owns the LaRusso Auto Groupa chain of auto-dealerships, with his wife Amanda.

Daniel was born in New Jersey on December 18, He spent much of his life in Newark, New Jersey. Little was known of his life in the Garden State, although he said he went to a summer camp, which he first did not want to do, but then made three friends, one of whom was a girl named Judy whom he dated for some time. However, when Daniel was 8 years old, Mr. LaRusso died of an unnamed terminal illness. Little is known of Daniel's relationship with his father, but he later expressed his strongest memory of his childhood saying goodbye to the elder LaRusso when he was on his deathbed, and being proud of all else being there for his father at the last minutes of his life.

Thus it seems likely that Daniel had a very good relationship with both of his parents. As years passed and Daniel matured into a teenager, Mrs. LaRusso worked hard as a widow, both to put food on the table and be there for her only child. Daniel seemed to enjoy his early life in New Jersey.

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When he moved away from Newark and took a last look at the neighborhood he grew up in, multiple friends from the neighborhood and their parents were there to wish Daniel and his mother best of luck in their new home. Lucille LaRusso was transferred from her current job to a branch office in California.

She leased an apartment in the "South Seas" complex in Reseda, California, and took Daniel along from a cross-country venture across the United States that started in Newark and ended in Reseda. Upon arriving, Daniel befriends one of his neighbors, Freddy Fernandezafter karate kicking a gate door into Freddy's face, but Freddy doesn't take offense, and invites him to a beach party.

Before the beach party, Daniel meets his future mentor, Mr. Miyagiwhen Daniel goes to ask him to fix their new apartment's leaky faucet. Daniel then goes to the beach party. It is at this beach party that Daniel first encounters Ali Mills Elisabeth Shueand is instantly infatuated with her.

He attempts to teach her how to bounce a soccer ball in the air. As he does this, Ali's ex-boyfriend, Johnny Lawrence is riding dirt bikes with his friends. They stop to talk, and it is pointed out to him that they can see Ali flirting with Daniel. This leads to Johnny going down to the beach to confront Ali.Miyagi Morita to help defend himself and compete in a tournament against his bullies, one of which is the ex-boyfriend of his love interest Ali Mills Shue.

Kamen was approached by Columbia Pictures to compose a film similar to Avildsen's previous success Rockyafter signing the director.

Daniel LaRusso

Kamen drew inspiration from his own life when writing the film. Principal photography began on October 31,in Los Angelesand filming was complete by December 16, The film received universal acclaim from critics, many of whom praised the action sequences, writing, storyline, acting performances, and music. The film is also notable for kickstarting the career of Macchio, as well as revitalizing the acting career of Morita, who was previously known mostly for comedic roles, and earned Morita a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Their apartment's handyman is an eccentricbut kind and humble Okinawan immigrant named Mr. Daniel befriends Ali Millsa high school cheerleader, which draws the attention of her arrogant ex-boyfriend Johnny Lawrencea black belt and the top student from the "Cobra Kai" dojo, where he studies a vicious form of karate. Johnny and his Cobra Kai gang continually bully Daniel. On Halloween, after Daniel sprays water on Johnny with a hose, he and his gang pursue Daniel down the street and savagely beat him, until Mr.

Miyagi intervenes and single-handedly defeats them with ease.

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Amazed, Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi to teach him karate. Miyagi declines but agrees to bring Daniel to the Cobra Kai dojo to resolve the conflict. They meet with the senseiJohn Kreesean ex- Special Forces Vietnam veteran who callously dismisses the peace offering.

Miyagi then proposes that Daniel enter the All-Valley Karate Championships, where he can compete with Johnny and the other Cobra Kai students on equal terms, and requests that the bullying cease while Daniel trains. Kreese agrees to the terms but warns that if Daniel does not show up for the tournament, the harassment will continue for both Daniel and Miyagi. Daniel's training starts with days of menial chores that he believes only serve to make him Miyagi's unpaid employee.

When he becomes frustrated, Miyagi demonstrates that repetition of these chores have helped him to learn defensive blocks through muscle memory. Their bond develops, and Miyagi opens up to Daniel about his life that includes the dual loss of his wife and son in childbirth at the Manzanar internment camp while he was serving with the nd Infantry Regiment during World War II in Europe, where he received the Medal of Honor.

Through Mr. Miyagi's teaching, Daniel learns not only karate, but also important life lessons such as the importance of personal balance, reflected in the principle that martial arts training is as much about training the spirit as the body.

Daniel applies the life lessons that Miyagi has taught him to strengthen his relationship with Ali. On Daniel's 18th birthday, Miyagi presents him with a Karate gi for the tournament and one of his own cars as birthday gifts. At the tournament, Daniel surprises everyone by reaching the semi-finals. Johnny advances to the finals, scoring three unanswered points against Darryl Vidal. Kreese instructs his second-best student, Bobby Brown, who is one of his more compassionate students and the least vicious of Daniel's tormentors, to disable Daniel with an illegal attack to the knee.

Bobby reluctantly does so, severely injuring Daniel and getting himself disqualified in the process. Daniel is taken to the locker room, where the physician determines that he cannot continue.

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However, Daniel believes that if he quits, his tormentors will have gotten the best of him. He convinces Miyagi to use a pain suppression technique to allow him to continue.

As Johnny is about to be declared the winner by default, Daniel returns to fight. The match is a seesaw battle, with neither able to break through the other's defense.Played by Ralph Macchiohe serves as the central character of the first three Karate Kid films, as well as one of the main protagonists in the Cobra Kai television series. When he was eight years old, his father David LaRusso died after a 2-year battle with stomach cancer.

His last words to his son were, "I love you. Don't you ever forget that!

danielson karate kid actor

Daniel's mother Lucille never re-married, believing she already had her happy ending with her husband David, as she knew he loved her and she did him, so out of respect for him, she never married or dated ever again and Daniel was left without a father. In SeptemberDaniel and Lucille moved to Reseda, Californiaafter Lucille accepts a job offer at a computer firm. Shortly after moving to California, Daniel meets and starts a rivalry with Johnny Lawrence, the two-time winner of the All Valley Under Karate Championship after Daniel tried going after his ex-girlfriend Ali Mills.

Luckily for Daniel, he met a Karate Master where he lived named Mr.

Steve Vai vs Ralph Macchio Epic Guitar Battle

Miyagi, who became his karate mentor and also a very good friend of his, as well as a father figure. It's through this training that Daniel becomes talented enough to defeat Johnny in the tournament's final match and becomes the new champion. Over the summer, Daniel gets to spend more time with Mr.

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Miyagi as they go to Okinawawhere Daniel ends up meeting a girl named Kumiko who becomes his love interest and eventual girlfriend along with also getting in a rivalry with Chozen, who is Sato's karate student and nephew. He ends up defeating Chozen in a fight to the death, although instead of killing him, he obeys Mr.

Miyagi's teachings and instead shows mercy to Chozen. Daniel is able to pick up one more Karate Championship in the All-Valley Tournament after being forced to compete in the tournament and defeats Cobra Kai student Mike Barnes, becoming a 2-time champion, and ending Terry Silver and John Kreese's vision of opening up multiple Cobra Kai dojos all across the valley.

By the events of Cobra KaiDaniel is the owner of a successful car dealership in Southern California. Daniel is now married to his wife Amanda, and, together with their two children Samantha and Anthony, live in a large home with a swimming pool in Encino. Despite his success as an adult, Daniel's rivalry with Johnny Lawrence reignites after LaRusso learns of the return of the Cobra Kai dojo, now run by Lawrence. This drives Daniel to start his own dojo called Miyagi-Do, passing on the teachings of the late Mr.

Miyagi to a new generation. This all just ends up causing much rivalry though in the high schooler's lives, as there is a great divide and feud in the school between the Cobra Kai students, and the Miyagi-Do students which ultimately climaxes in an all-out brawl which leads to consequences and backlash for everyone involved. Daniel is invited by his new neighbor, Freddy Fernandez, to a beach party, where he meets Ali Mills.

He also encounters and is beaten in a fight by Ali's ex-boyfriend Johnny Lawrence. During his first month in school, Daniel is constantly bullied by Johnny and his Cobra Kai gang. At the school's Halloween dance, Daniel attempts to get back at Johnny by placing a hose above the toilet stall where Johnny is rolling a jointgetting him wet.

However, his scheme backfires, and he is chased by Johnny and his gang, who corner him outside his apartment building and assault him until Mr.

Miyagithe apartment's maintenance man, intervenes and saves Daniel. The next day, Mr. Kreese agrees, but warns that if they do not show up at the tournament, both Daniel and Mr. Miyagi will be declared fair game to Cobra Kai. Daniel is initially upset with Mr. Miyagi over the arrangement, but Mr. Miyagi assures that with proper karate training, he will no longer have to worry about Cobra Kai.

However, Mr. Miyagi has Daniel do mundane chores at his rest house such as waxing his classic cars, sanding the wood floors, and painting the fence.And yeah we'd better get either Shigure or Yuudachi as a T7 premium.

While Shigure is best girl I'd be happy with either. Adding on to the weeab premium boats, I also hope we see Harekaze at T8. I wasn't the biggest fan of Haifuri, but it was good enough, and the idea of a Kagero with the options for either Akizuki's or American guns sounds like it'd be great fun gameplay wise. Possibly Vanguard as a Tier VIII.

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I'm hoping the Frenchies and Italians playing this game get ATLEAST one each, I'm not super knowledgable about either of these, but it's fairly obvious which ships COULD be a premium this year (plenty named in this thread alone). A competitive Tier VIII USN. Which'll probably be the Alabama. And no more Russian Premiums for a year except maybe a BB one other than Nikolai, they had plenty as of late, at this rate they'll have an additional tech tree of Premiums before major navies get their silver tech trees.

Since I'm really not sure whether i should buy the tirpitz or not right now. And 5 special paint jobs. And a polar bear as captain. But it plays alone against everyone else (or with a few Tier I ships for the lolz of confused Tier I players wondering what the hell just happened). One of the Fantasque-class destroyers could be a pretty good premium, maybe Le Terrible since I assume Fantasque herself would be a tech tree ship and also WG selling a Terrible premium would amuse me. Ridiculously fast (45kt), cruiser-sized, heavily armored and with pretty good torpedoes.

Also, I'd love to see more pre-dreadnought battleships. And to add the imperial russian black-and-yellow paint scheme for russian ships.

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The accommodation all nights was good, clean and with a friendly welcome. Whale watching was amazing, we saw a blue whale and a humpback and when travelling around the fjords we saw a minke whale, we were so lucky. The drive up to Bakkagerdi was worth it as the puffins were so close. The trip to vigur island was great, more puffins and so many eider ducks, friendly people and lovely refreshments. Food although expensive was good quality and we catered for ourselves some nights as you don't always want to eat out.

The scenery was amazing, exceeded expectations. On the whole an amazing holiday that all went well, if a bit nervy at times when driving through high mountain passes when it was snowing. All went well, the tour booking process, car hire, accommodation and transfers all worked like clockwork, thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would book with Nordic visitor again.

We would like to thank Erna for being responsive, informative and very helpful from the time of our first enquiry about the tour, through all our time in Iceland, especially the efficient way she dealt with having to change our itinerary when we were delayed by weather. We were sorry not to be able to meet her to thank her personally because we arrived on a the day you were celebrating the first day of summer and left very early on the day of departure.

The tour lived up to all our expectations and the advice provided was excellent. This was the first time we visited Iceland and booked with Nordic Visitor. We were very impressed with Nordic Visitor and namely Gudrun - our travel consultant.

We booked ourselves on to the "Iceland Winter World" tour which was very well organised. I recommend this company to anyone and I'm looking forward to our next Nordic holiday. Dear Helena, We are now back home in England. I just wanted to say thank you from me and Rosie for organising our holiday so efficiently. We had the most wonderful time and we were quite sad to leave.

I think we have fallen in love with Norway. All the hotels and excursions were really good and we loved the snowmobile and dog sledding. The Snow Hotel was amazing. The Trollfjord trip was incredible also. And we saw the northern lights 3 times. This was quite possibly the best holiday we gave ever had.

So thanks once again, it was a pleasure to be looked after so well by you. The holiday was brilliant, absolutely fabulous to experience norway from South to the North.

Totally trouble free holiday that more than met expectations. The country and cities looked wonderful, and the sledding with the huskies was unforgettable.